The most effective resumes capture who the client is, what they want to do, and why they are qualified for the role — but getting the answers to those questions isn’t easy. Collecting better information can help you write better resumes.

Take this course and you’ll learn:

  • The one question to ask yourself before starting writing that will save you hours of frustration.
  • Which questions you can ask that will reduce the amount of time it takes you to write the resume – while simultaneously improving the effectiveness of the resume you’re writing.
  • When you’re stuck: The three questions you need to ask yourself if you’re having trouble moving forward with a client project.
  • The one thing you must ask so that your client is happy with the finished resume (if you neglect to get the answer to this question, you’re guaranteed a rewrite).

The handouts will include the exact questions you can ask. This course is designed for newbies and veteran résumé writers alike, but the emphasis is on resume writers struggling to get good information from clients in the information-gathering phase.

Whether you work via questionnaire, phone consultation, in-person (or a combination of both), your information-gathering process not only impacts the finished résumé project, but also your revenue.

Learn the Secret to Writing Great Resumes

What is the key to a great client interview? Learn in this course.

The One Question That Can Save You Hours of Frustration

Ask your client THIS question to save yourself hours of frustration.

The Exact Questions to Ask Clients

Ask your clients these questions (included in the comprehensive handouts!) and the resume will practically write itself.

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About Bridget

About Bridget

Bridget (Weide) Brooks, CPRW, has been writing resumes with Image Building Communications in Omaha, Nebraska since 1996. Her background in journalism and public relations has given her insight into the interviewing and storytelling strategies required to create effective resumes for clients.

Bridget is editor of Resume Writers’ Digest, a trade newsletter for professional resume writers, and the founder of the resource site for careers industry professionals. Bridget is also the author of Write Great Résumés Faster, now in its fourth edition (revised and updated July 2020).