Whether you’re a new resume writer or a seasoned veteran, this course will teach you effective strategies for how to write great resumes faster … without sacrificing quality.

You’ll learn how to use the pre-writing process to focus your time, what tools and technology can help you, and 10 specific tips to help you get unstuck.

For your investment of less than an hour of your time, you’ll acquire new tools to help you be more effective as a resume writer. And, upon completion of the course and passing a simple quiz to demonstrate mastery of these techniques, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Hi, I’m Bridget, Your Instructor

I wrote my first resume at the age of 12 for my dad, who had been fired from his job working as an accountant for my uncles' company. (He saw things in black-and-white; my uncles preferred various shades of gray.)

After graduating college, my husband and I started our own business, and I’ve written thousands of resumes (literally, from A to Z … it was awesome to finally secure that zookeeper client!) over the past 20+ years.

This course includes tips, tricks, and techniques I’ve learned to help overcome the blank page and write better resumes in less time.

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Learn how the pre-writing process can set you up for success.

Before diving in, do these things to make writing the resume easier.

How to use technology to be more efficient and productive.

Technology tools for writing, research, and client management.

What to do when you get stuck while you’re writing the resume.

Ten tips to help you get unstuck, whether that’s at the beginning or somewhere in the middle.